How to Sell Land Fast for the Best Value in Texas

Estimate your property value to sell land fast for the best value in Texas!

With reporting an average 19.3% increase in property values across Texas over the last year and elevated demand across the state only declining slightly in recent months, the current market presents a unique opportunity for property owners who want to sell land fast. 

Selling land fast might seem challenging—the paperwork, the meetings, the hassle. Whether it’s divorce, foreclosure, relocation, or any situation millions of property owners encounter daily, there’s always a valid reason to sell land fast. Resourceful property owners know that a quick closing doesn’t have to come at the expense of a fair offer. These landowners have discovered that a direct cash sale is the easiest way to sell land fast for the best value. 

Thanks to the steady increase in property value, landowners might be surprised to learn that a cash offer from direct buyers could still be greater than the value of their property ten years ago, meaning easy profits and a quick land sale. Sellers can deal directly with land investors, not traditional realtors, and they don’t have to sell their property alone. Direct buyers will purchase vacant, raw, or undeveloped land in almost any condition. 

Even when landowners need to sell land fast, they should still receive the best value for their property compared to the speed of the sale a direct buyer offers. On paper, a cash sale with direct buyers might not reflect the market value of a property, but landowners save on the cost of: 

  • Appraisal and surveys
  • Closing fees
  • Commission 
  • Development 
  • Repairs

When sellers choose a cash offer over listing on the traditional market, they receive a quick closing with cash in hand—usually, no financing or involvement by the bank is required. 

How do sellers know they receive the best cash offer from direct land investors who promise to sell land fast? That starts with knowing the property’s value before approaching investment companies about a deal. 

Use these 4 tips to estimate land value before receiving a cash offer from direct land buyers. With this information in mind, sellers can decide if the benefits of a cash land sale are right for them.

4 Tips: Sell Land Fast for the Best Cash Offer in Texas

1. Compare Recent Sales 

When selling raw land, compare recent property sales of like quality in the area. This will help sellers get a feel for the typical land cost most similar to theirs. Remember the local factors affecting property value, like location in a desired neighborhood or suburb.

For quick reference, consult free real estate maps provided by companies like Zillow and Trulia to gauge approximate property value. While these serve as great resources for buyers in the real estate market, sellers can also use recent housing data and market values to determine the average cost of property in the area. 

Map data can be filtered to include properties currently listed or recently sold, providing quick, free insights into virtually any market in the US. With this recent sales data, landowners can determine when a cash offer most closely reflects their property’s current value. 

2. Determine Potential for the Land 

There are many potential uses for raw land, and sellers should capitalize on their property’s strengths to receive the best cash offer. Property owners can boost market value by showcasing the land’s capabilities when it’s time to sell land fast. 

Perhaps even more valuable, identifying the land’s potential can reveal buyer groups a seller might target. Depending on the land’s best use, sellers can determine if they’ll attract residential, commercial, or agricultural buyers, just to name a few.


Caught up on local zoning laws? Research relevant codes to understand a lot’s full development potential. 

3. Appraised vs. Assessed Value

Appraisal values can vary depending on factors in the local real estate market. However, the assessed land value in Texas is a reliable property value and the amount to which landowners pay property taxes. While these values differ vastly, a lower assessed value doesn’t always equate to a lower appraised value.

Appraisal vs. Assessment: Which One Matters to Sellers? 

When comparing appraisal and assessment values, landowners might wonder which number matters more in the first place. 

Appraisals determine your property’s current market value; essentially, the money sellers can expect to receive in exchange for their vacant land. On the other hand, assessments are locally sanctioned evaluations of a property’s worth, typically used to determine property taxes. 

If you’re a current landowner, you probably know your property’s assessed value through annual property taxes. Therefore, current market value is important for landowners hoping to sell land fast for the best price—even with a cash offer! With an appraised value provided by a licensed appraiser, sellers can make an educated judgment between potential cash buyers. 

For a comprehensive breakdown of appraisals and assessments, read this article from Rocket Mortgage. 

4. Know the Demand

Before selling land fast with a direct buyer, complete a thorough analysis to accurately determine the property’s value, including anticipated market demand. 

Due to its dense population and limited raw land supply, parcels closest to urban areas will always be higher in value and demand. Based on location, inner-city sellers can expect to receive more value when compared to the offerings of their suburban and rural competitors. 

Because of ongoing expansion, however, sellers with properties on the outskirts of urban centers should consider long-term demand when deciding if it’s the right time to sell. What is in low demand this year could be prime real estate in less than a decade. First-hand knowledge of Texas’s market and upcoming development plans will allow sellers to decide if their property value has room to grow. Click here for more tips on how to estimate land value.

Need to sell land fast? Use these 4 tips to get the best cash offer!

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