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“He helped make the deal go through, even when problems arose.”

“Russ did exactly what he said he would do for my sister and I. He was fast, to the point, and honest. He helped make the deal go through, even when problems arose. Being that we live in Los Angeles trying to sell our property in Texas, he made it very easy to get everything done for us. I would highly recommend using Russ with Harmony Land Holdings.”

– Madison

We Buy Lots The Simple Way!

Discover Why So Many Property Owners Say Selling My Land Was Easy Thanks To Harmony Land Holdings LLC

We buy vacant properties and land for cash quickly, easily, and with less hassle than a traditional realtor. It’s what we do! Take the stress out of selling your vacant land and contact us today.

How We Buy Lots In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Complete our online form and provide a few details about your vacant land. It’s quick, easy, and obligation-free!

Step 2

We will send you a fair cash offer within 72 hours that we hope is a win-win for both parties.

Step 3

If you accept your offer, you choose a closing date that works for you!

If you have a vacant lot that you are serious about selling, there’s no better choice than our premier buying team. We buy lots for a fair cash offer traditional buyers can’t beat. Our offers are 100% backed by cash, and we never charge a commission or closing fees. Our team is ready to go the moment you receive your cash offer which means the entire process can be completed on YOUR schedule.

“How is selling my land to Harmony Land Holdings LLC different from other ‘We Buy Vacant Lots’ companies?”

When you work with Harmony Land Holdings LLC, you’ll see the difference is clear. We buy vacant lots of ALL types, in ANY condition, and NATIONWIDE. If you have vacant land to sell, you may qualify for an all-cash offer. It’s that simple!

We buy vacant lots of the following kind:

  • Suburban lots
  • City lots
  • Waterfront property
  • Farming, agricultural, and rural lots

We’ll even buy advertising lots! If you have land you need to sell, why are you waiting? Get a fair cash offer in 72 hours and close in as little as 7 days!

We buy vacant lots that won’t sell elsewhere! If you own vacant land that you need to sell fast, don’t wait on other buyers. Contact Harmony Land Holdings LLC instead. We are prepared to help landowners nationwide sell their land quickly and easily, even if you’re facing one of these situations:

  • Landowners facing or soon to face foreclosure.
  • Couples filing for divorce who need to split assets.
  • Relocating for career or personal reasons.
  • Sellers with unwanted inherited or vacant land. 
  • Landowners who have little to no equity.

We Provide Cash Offers That Are 100% Obligation-Free!

We’ll never hassle you to reach a decision, we’ll simply make you an offer that you accept on your terms!

We buy lots directly from sellers and we offer fantastic benefits a traditional real estate agent can’t provide, including:

  • A fast close. We buy lots as fast as 7 days! You could walk away with cash in hand as soon as next week.
  • Stop paying property taxes NOW. Don’t wait the months it may take to sell that property through a traditional agent. We buy lots now so you won’t owe any more money.
  • Harmony Land Holdings LLC will cover all costs. We take care of everything. There are never any hidden fees or reductions to what we offer you.
  • Put delinquent taxes behind you. Are you behind on your property taxes? Why pay a small fortune for land you aren’t using. Instead, put cash in your pocket before the county takes your property!

Our mission is to make the process of selling a vacant lot fast, easy, and hassle-free. We buy property for a FAIR price that reflects the value of your land. Before you commit to an agent, do the math on all the time and energy you will save by selling directly to a trusted direct land buyer like Harmony Land Holdings LLC. When you work with us, not only is the process completely hassle-free, but there are no commissions or fees!

We buy vacant lots from landowners who want an easy cash sale, and we make the process simple from start to finish.

Advantages of choosing Harmony Land Holdings LLC: 

1. No Property Maintenance Or Upkeep Required

If you want to get rid of your land fast, property maintenance and cleaning only stand to delay your land sale. Selling your land with a real estate agent or broker guarantees you’ll waste time and energy on landscaping and development before the land is even “market-ready”. Don’t waste time AND money renovating your property only for it to sit vacant for months after listing with a traditional agent. You can save yourself thousands of dollars in commissions, fees, and closing costs when you sell directly to us for cash.

Many landowners are pleased to learn that direct land buyers don’t require repairs or changes to the property before buying. We buy vacant lots as-is and for a fair cash offer nationwide. 

2. We Buy Vacant Lots With Cash

We buy vacant lots with an offer backed by cash. That means you get paid in one lump sum without any loans or financing! 

Your traditional buyer typically won’t have the funds to pay for the property upfront. That means you have to wait while they get approved for a loan from a lending institution, which can be a convoluted and uncertain ordeal. Should the buyer fail to secure a loan from the bank, they’ll have to begin the financing process anew or you’ll be left to find an alternative buyer. 

With direct land investors, you can avoid this scenario entirely. We make guaranteed cash offers for that unwanted piece of property that’s costing you too much in time, money, and energy. Best of all, since we don’t need help from any banks, you’ll get paid fast

3. We Buy Lots – Guaranteed!

If you want to sell your vacant land, you’ll need a buyer who sees things through to the end. Unexperienced landowners assume it’s as easy as finding a buyer and closing the deal. This might be true for a few lucky sellers but, for the vast majority of landowners, there are issues that can delay or completely squash a deal. Securing a bank loan is one of many problems that can prevent a buyer from purchasing your property. You’ll want a buyer with solid financial backing, and that doesn’t come easy. 

Additionally, you’ll need to find a buyer who has a use for your vacant land now. Potential buyers will often shop multiple properties to find the one that best suits their development or recreational needs. Since there’s no guarantee this will be your property, you could wait a long time for the right buyer to make an offer.

But reliable direct land buyers like Harmony Land Holdings LLC are different. Land investors purchase properties for long-term investment purposes, and that’s good news for someone hoping to sell their vacant land fast. Direct buyers aren’t interested in your land’s immediate development potential, meaning you can sell your land now and let the investors handle the rest. 

Here’s what our clients have to say about how their cash offer from Harmony Land Holdings LLC was different than using a traditional realtor…

“We hit a few snags throughout the process but Russell was able to help solve those problems…”

“Russell with Harmony Land Holdings was really easy to work with. We hit a few snags throughout the process but Russell was able to help solve those problems so that we could close the transaction as fast as possible.  He paid cash and we closed within days of receiving all items required by the title company. Thanks, Russell!”

– Mr. Duncan

“I had a great experience dealing with Harmony Land Holdings recently when I was looking to sell my land for cash.”

“I had a great experience dealing with Harmony Land Holdings recently when I was looking to sell my land for cash.   After negotiating a fair price with Mr. Williams, we sent all the paperwork over to the title company.   It took about 3 weeks for the title company to complete the work and schedule a closing.  It was a very easy process and it was great dealing with Mr. Williams.  During our discussions, he gave me advice about the next property I was planning to purchase and he led me to a great loan officer who was able to put together a great deal for me and my family.  I greatly appreciated his help through this process. “

– Tony R.

“We had previously listed the property with a Realtor but we had poor results.”

“Dealing with Harmony Land Holdings was a very easy and smooth process.  We received an offer in the mail and decided it was the best option at this point in time.  We had previously listed the property with a Realtor but we had poor results. Harmony Land Holdings offered to pay all the closing costs and to pay cash.   We signed our paperwork a few days before the contract expired and we received a check a few days later.  It could not have been any easier.”

– The Mariucci Brothers

Timeframe:  The entire land buying process can be completed in just 7 days. Once you submit the online form to our team of land buyers, we’ll have a cash offer for your land ready to go in 72 hours or less! After you accept, we can draw up a purchase contract and schedule a closing date of your choice. 

We Buy Vacant Lots Fast! Your No-Obligation, Fair Cash Offer Is Just A Click Away.

  • What city/county/state is the property located in?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Prefer to discuss our process for making fair cash offers for land over the phone? Speak with one of our buyers at 210-910-4787!

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