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Texas Land Foreclosure Guide

In this helpful guide, we'll cover everything property owners need to know about the Texas land foreclosure process!
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Here’s everything property owners need to know about the Texas land foreclosure process.

If you’re a landowner who has fallen behind on mortgage payments, the next few months may seem uncertain. While the stress of potential foreclosure is overwhelming, keep in mind that as a Texas landowner you still have agency in the foreclosure or pre-foreclosure process. 

Some landowners wonder if the land foreclosure process in Texas is similar to the home foreclosure process, and the answer is yes! Due to these similarities, you can take advantage of the opportunities available to homeowners facing foreclosure. 

As a Texas landowner, there are several options you have to keep your property from going to auction while avoiding the financial impact of foreclosure. Depending on your situation, one of these choices could be the right solution for you! Here’s everything you need to know about land foreclosure in Texas. 

What are my options in the Texas land foreclosure process?

The first option that most landowners consider is selling their land with a traditional realtor. For some sellers, this is the ideal choice; selling the traditional route provides ample time and the most value for your property. 

On the other hand, as a landowner facing foreclosure, you probably don’t have the luxury of sitting around, waiting for your property to sell. In the meantime, the foreclosure process doesn’t stop, and before you know it you’ve lost ownership of your land at public auction. 

Although landowners are granted a redemption period after their property is sold at auction, are you certain you’ll have the funds available to retain ownership of your land? If you’re a landowner facing foreclosure, odds are you want a more reliable solution. 

Pros of selling Texas foreclosure land with a traditional realtor: 

  1. Best value – When you sell your land with a traditional realtor, you’re going to see better offers than you would with a short sale or auction. But if you’re a landowner facing foreclosure, do you have the time to wait for a realtor to sell your land? The answer is no! Time is of the essence when dealing with foreclosure, and you don’t have the financial freedom to wait for buyers to come to you. 
  2. Improved marketing efforts – For most people, relevant marketing experience extends to school fundraisers selling chocolate bars. To sell your property quickly, you need to get the word out fast, and doing that yourself could be difficult. When you sell your land with a traditional realtor, you’re backed by the power of a real estate agency and its team of marketing professionals. 

Cons of selling Texas foreclosure land with a traditional realtor: 

  1. It’s a lengthy process – Selling land with a traditional realtor isn’t exactly like selling a home, and there’s no guarantee that it will be a quick sale. In the past, landowners have spent months with their property on the traditional market, and closing isn’t always a guarantee. For a landowner facing foreclosure, this kind of wait could spell disaster. 
  2. Commission and closing fees – When you sell your land with a traditional realtor, you can expect to pay a considerable amount in commission, closing, and other fees. These costs add up over time, and they come out of YOUR pocket. If you’re a landowner looking for ways to avoid foreclosure, these extra costs just aren’t feasible in your financial situation. 
  3. Unreliable buyers – Unlike a public auction, buyers on the traditional market aren’t 100% committed to purchasing your property. They could back out of the deal at any moment, for any reason, and you’re left with the burden of finding a new buyer. As a landowner with so much on the line, you don’t want to take a chance like this in the foreclosure process. Some buyers have pulled out of contracts DAYS before the anticipated closing date—imagine the frustration of repeating the sale process with an auction looming in your future. 

What if I don’t want to sell my Texas foreclosure land with a traditional realtor?

Luckily, there’s another option available that you might be less aware of. When you’re a landowner in the pre-foreclosure stages, you can still pay, refinance, or sell your property. Unlike the traditional selling process that we’ve already covered, however, landowners also have the ability to sell their land directly to cash land buyers like Harmony Land Holdings LLC! 

When you sell your property to a direct cash land buyer, you avoid the harmful financial impacts of foreclosure, and you part with the stress of a prolonged foreclosure process. Don’t labor over a decision for months, even years, and solve your problems FAST by selling to a direct land buyer instead! 

When we purchase your property at Harmony Land Holdings LLC, we take on the hassle of selling your land for you. Receive cash for your property in as little as 30 days and walk away from the stress of foreclosure for good! It’s that simple—no realtor, no commission fees, and NO foreclosure. 

Pros of selling to a direct land buyer: 

  1. It’s quick – When you sell your land to a property investment agency like Harmony Land Holdings LLC, you receive the benefits of a fast transaction. This is great news for landowners facing foreclosure! Don’t worry about whether or not your land will sell before public auction, and close in weeks when you work with our experienced land buyers. At Harmony Land Holdings LLC, we understand that you need to move quickly when you’re in the pre-foreclosure stage, and we’re ready to assist with a speedy sale. 
  2. It’s simple – Selling your land is easier than ever thanks to our 3 step process. Receive your cash offer in just a few days, choose your closing date, and get paid within a month! We provide a truly hassle-free land sale. 
  3. It’s guaranteed – We’re professional land investors—it’s what we do. At Harmony Land Holdings LLC, we want land like yours for long-term investment purposes. Unlike buyers on the traditional market, we’re 100% committed to purchasing your property with no bumps along the road. We won’t pull out of a contract at the last moment, and our offer is backed by cash, so we don’t have to wait for bank approval. When you agree to sell your land directly with Harmony Land Holdings LLC, you can trust that the deal you make today will still be honored at closing. 
  4. No hidden fees – With direct land buyers like Harmony Land Holdings LLC, commission expenses, closing costs, and other hidden fees are a thing of the past. There are never any hidden fees when you sell your land directly, and we’ll even cover the closing costs when we purchase your land for cash.

Cons of selling to a direct land buyer: 

  1. The investor’s offer – As a landowner, you want the best possible offer for your property. We appreciate your land’s value, and we take this into consideration with every cash offer that we generate. Although the cash offer from a direct buyer may not seem as great on paper when compared to the offers a traditional realtor can fetch, the value is immeasurable. As professional land investors, we provide landowners like you with the fast, no-stress, direct solution that traditional realtors can’t. If you feel that our estimate does not reflect the true value of your vacant land, just contact our certified buyers to discuss a different offer.

Is it really that easy to sell my vacant land in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure?

Remember: as a Texas landowner, you have rights in the foreclosure process. Don’t just stand by while your property goes to auction, take action in YOUR future and sell your land to Harmony Land Holdings LLC. We’re standing by to provide the foreclosure solutions you’ve been looking for. 

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