Land Buyers In Texas: Seizing Opportunities in the 2023-24 Market

Over the last year and a half, it’s no secret that Texas has faced a housing crisis not seen in the recent past. Prices are at an all-time high—leaving many Texas residents lost in the lurch. Supply chain issues don’t just stop with the housing market, however. Some experts predict that the industry’s potentially largest shortage is in the form of available land. reports that 76% of builders rated the supply of developed land as low to very low, with land shortages contributing to the market’s most crippling bottleneck. 

With land supplies dwindling, developers are in fierce competition for available land. While this spells bad news for buyers seeking finished housing, the current market is in great shape for landowners who have recently considered selling their property. 

Landowners have seen high appreciation over the last year, but these numbers won’t last forever. Sellers can expect to see the largest returns on their land under current market conditions, and selling your land has never been easier with so much demand from land buyers in Texas for a limited supply.

If you’re one of the lucky owners of vacant land that you would like to sell, now’s the time!

How to Sell Your Property With the Help of Land Buyers in Texas

If you’re a current landowner who wants to take advantage of the 2021 market before the new year, you would probably like to know the quickest way to sell your land for the best price. 

Landowners can sell vacant or developed land in numerous ways, depending on your situation as a property owner. Everyone has their reason for selling, ranging from foreclosure to relocation to an inheritance property you want to get rid of quickly. 

No matter your reason for selling, there is a solution that fits your real estate needs! Whether motivated by money, time, or another factor, don’t hang on to land you could sell now for a fantastic value. Selling vacant or developed land isn’t much different than selling a house, and landowners have many of the same options homeowners have when selling their property. 

We’ll cover the three most common options landowners choose for selling their land and which solution might fit you based on your real estate needs. 

1. Sell Your Land With a Realtor

When you sell your vacant or developed land with the help of a traditional real estate agency, you can expect a process relatively similar to selling a home with an agent. While every realtor requires you to pay commission fees at the time of closing, the cost of paying a professional agent is sometimes worth the time and energy you stand to save by handing off the responsibility of the sale to someone else. Sell land without a realtor.

Pros of Selling Your Land With a Realtor:

  • Legal responsibility for the sale falls on the realtor.
  • A realtor handles showings and marketing efforts
  • Working with a professional realtor earns the trust of potential buyers

Cons of Selling Your Land With a Realtor:

  • You owe the realtor high commission fees at the time of closing
  • Waiting for a buyer’s loan approval can delay the sale process.
  • You get less control over the asking price than other methods of selling.

2. Sell Your Land by Owner (FSBO)

When a piece of land is FSBO (For Sale By Owner), the landowner takes on the duties of a traditional realtor. Some sellers want to avoid expensive commission fees paid to an agent, and an FSBO transaction promises just that. For eager sellers, this seems like a great opportunity to get the highest value for their property without paying for help from outside sources. But when a landowner takes on the duties of a traditional realtor, they also take on the legal responsibilities. If you decide to sell your land by owner, you assume the risks that a normal real estate agent shields clients from, leaving you vulnerable to errors and possible pitfalls.

Before deciding to sell your land by owner, consider if you have the real estate and financial knowledge to undertake such an effort. Sellers who choose an FSBO deal must be prepared to:

  • Determine the asking price
  • Stage, repair, or develop the property yourself
  • Negotiate any offers on your behalf
  • Prepare legal documents without professional guidance
  • Close the sale according to all applicable laws and requirements

This is no easy task for new sellers, but savvy sellers stand to save thousands if they can navigate an FSBO deal successfully.

Pros of Selling Your Land by Owner:

  • You determine the asking price
  • Conduct the sale at a speed you prefer
  • Save on commission fees paid to an agent

Cons of Selling Your Land by Owner:

  • You assume all legal responsibility for the sale
  • Sellers can easily fall into buyer traps and scams
  • You’re responsible for repairs and marketing efforts.

3. Sell to Direct Land Buyers in Texas

If neither of the above options sounds like a good fit for your real estate goals, there’s one final option that landowners are turning to more and more. 

Save on commission fees, avoid the risk of selling on your own, and skip the hassle of working with a traditional realtor—with a cash sale to direct land buyers like Harmony Land Holdings LLC! 

Harmony Land Holdings LLC specializes in buying land across Texas and the US for long-term investment purposes. When you choose a cash sale to direct land buyers in Texas, you receive the speed of a traditional sale without showings, repairs, or bank involvement. 

We buy your land directly, for cash, in almost any condition or location. Since we pay you upfront, we don’t rely on financing or bank involvement, meaning you receive the fastest transaction possible. This can be completed in as little as one month, and you walk away with cash! 

Unlike an FSBO transaction, there’s no risk when you sell to direct land buyers in Texas—read a few of the ways we’ve helped clients here. Landowners who want to sell their property fast are discovering direct land buyers as a great alternative to traditional agents.

Pros of Selling Your Land to Direct Land Buyers in Texas:

  • Get the speed of a traditional sale without development or repairs
  • Save on commission fees without selling the land yourself
  • No buyer financing is required (you receive cash)

Cons of Selling Your Land to Direct Land Buyers in Texas:

  • Direct land buyers determine the cash offer
  • Most cash transactions move fast (in as little as one month), which may be too soon for some sellers.
  • Direct land buyers are interested in properties across the US, while some sellers prefer a local buyer.

Which Land Selling Option Is Best for You?

If You Want the Highest Offer for Your Land:

If you’re a seller who wants to see the best offer for your land, regardless of how long it might take to sell the property, consider selling your land by owner or FSBO. When you choose an FSBO transaction, you get to name the price for your land without any influence from realtors or agencies. 

If You Want to Sell Your Land Fast for the Best Value:

If you’re a seller who wants to prioritize the speed of the sale over receiving above-market value for your vacant or developed land, direct land buyers in Texas are the right choice. 

For certain sellers, direct land buyers offer the perfect solution for getting rid of property quickly with minimal hassle. A direct cash sale allows you to save on commission fees you normally pay to a real estate agent, but you don’t have to worry about handling the transaction like you would going the FSBO route. 

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