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Fastest Way to Sell Land by Owner in 1 Month

Selling your land doesn't have to be frustrating! Learn the fastest way to sell land by owner in just 1 month with a cash offer from Harmony Land Holdings LLC.

You’ve been waiting to sell land that’s costing you money, and now is finally the time, but you’re not sure where to start. If you’re like a certain group of sellers, you want to sell your land fast, without the help of a traditional realtor. Savvy landowners know that eliminating the help of a realtor can save thousands, and they’re ready to cash in on this loophole as soon as possible. Join the other landowners who are choosing to sell land without a realtor, and learn the fastest way to sell land by owner in just 1 month! 

The most common way of selling land without a realtor is For Sale By Owner (FSBO). When you sell FSBO land, you’re selling land without the aid of a traditional real estate agent. It’s not every day that someone decides to sell land by owner, and many sellers enlist the help of a realtor when it’s time to go to market.

Selling FSBO land can save money on commission and repair costs, but it also takes time. Marketing land isn’t easy without the help of a professional realtor, and this can tack on weeks, even months, to the selling process if this is your first time selling land by owner. Luckily, there’s a faster way to sell land in just 1 month without the help of a realtor

What Are the Differences When I Sell Land by Owner?

Most people choose to sell land by owner because it saves them time and money. By assuming the duties of a normal agent, sellers can pocket tens of thousands dollars that they would normally spend on commission—up to 6 percent of your land’s price! This is one of the biggest differences between selling with a realtor compared to selling land by owner. 

Sellers who work with a professional realtor also share the privilege of Multiple Listing Service (MLS) sites. These databases let real estate agents from all over the country share listings with each other and their clients. Usually, only licensed agents can get into them. Selling your land by owner means you’ll have to find new ways of getting your land in front of buyers without the help of MLS sites, but it’s not impossible—there are buyers waiting to purchase your land right now without ever listing on the MLS.

Another difference between selling your land with a realtor versus by owner is the freedom you have in deciding the conditions of your sale. Selling land by owner allows more control of the purchase contract at the drafting stage, and you have the final say over what terms of agreement are included. 

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How Do I Sell Land by Owner? 

For landowners who want to sell FSBO land, online is the way to go. Thanks to social media, there are a ton of FREE marketing solutions right at your fingertips! 

Leverage the internet and start marketing your FSBO land today, no real estate expertise required. When you sell your land by owner, you’re in control of marketing efforts, so keep things simple or get creative! 

Start by researching other land listings to see what’s trending. Take note of what kind of details are provided in property descriptions, the number of photos included and their style, and which social media platforms seem to draw the most attention from buyers. After you’ve done some investigating, take to your socials and start advertising your land! Include relevant info for buyers in the property description, choose photos that showcase your land’s best features, and leave a reliable form of contact in case any questions arise. 

Want to go the extra mile? Record a virtual tour of your land and upload it for buyers to view! This is a great way to give clients a hands-on view of your land, and it can even save time with in-person tours in the future. 

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Sell land by owner from the comfort of your home or office with a fast cash offer from Harmony Land Holdings LLC.

Are There Downsides to Selling My Land by Owner? 

Selling land by owner can save thousands, but property owners wonder if it’s that simple. If it’s so easy to sell land by owner, why don’t more sellers choose the FSBO option? 

The bottom line is that selling land by owner can save money on commission and other fees, but the process still comes with its fair share of complications. For this reason, many landowners find the ordeal too confusing and time-consuming to ever pursue. 

Buyer Loan Approval

To start, most buyers purchasing land directly from the owner will still rely on mortgage approval. Unless your buyer is backed by cash, they’ll need money from a lender, and this process can take up to 60 days. Buyers who choose the FSBO route do so because they need to sell their land fast, and waiting around for a buyer to secure their loan can delay the process by weeks. 

Repair Costs

On top of mortgage approval, there’s the chance that your buyer will request high-cost repairs and developments before finalizing a deal. If you’re selling your land by owner to save money, the last thing you want is more expenses on the whim of a buyer who wants their property ready from day one. 

Purchase Contracts

Here’s where things get tricky: when you sell land by owner, you’re responsible for drawing up the purchase contract. Sellers who draft their own contracts can enjoy some degree of flexibility in their terms of agreement, but drafting your own purchase contract also opens the door for legal errors and slip-ups. Landowners have the option to either draw up a contract themselves (at the risk of excluding vital information that could affect one or both parties negatively), or they can hire a real estate attorney or transactional agent to draft a contract on their behalf. The latter option does eliminate the risk of any legal mistakes, but these services come at a premium that most FSBO sellers would like to avoid. 

Online marketing, buyer mortgage approval, repairs, and purchase contracts; for landowners seeking a fast, easy way to sell their property without the help of a professional realtor, this can all seem a bit daunting. Selling FSBO land is no small task, and motivated sellers are left wondering if there’s another way to sell land quickly without any realtors. 

There’s a Better Way to Sell Land by Owner in Just 1 Month, and It Starts with Harmony Land Holdings LLC

With Harmony Land Holdings LLC, you can enjoy all the benefits of selling your land by owner and none of the hassle! We’re real estate investors who purchase land for long-term investment purposes. We buy land in Texas and across the U.S. as-is, no repairs or developments necessary, and we pay cash! You don’t pay any commission or hidden fees, and there are ZERO closing costs. You receive one lump-sum cash payment, so that means no waiting around for buyer mortgage approval. 

We can close on your property in as little as 1 month. If you want to sell land fast without the cost of a professional realtor, now’s the time with Harmony Land Holdings LLC! 

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